Our country has been becoming super-ageing country with a low birth rate. In accordance with the trends, the number of people with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, or lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and dyslipidemia are increasing. The people with these types of diseases have to live with controlling their diseases as well as the treatment in their community.
In addition to these changes, the nursing is also changing with developed and subdivided medicines. In our laboratory, “Department of Perioperative and Critical Care Management”, we are studying about medical sciences and nursing at acute period and critical care to contribute the needs from our society. We are focusing on “Cancer nursing”, “Nursing at perioperative periods”, “Nursing for acute phase”, “Mental health in the nurse”, and “Education for the nurse”. We are looking forward to contacts from people who have an interest in these topics!!


Professor Kazuaki Tanabe
Specialty Surgery, Stomach cancer, Metabolic surgery, Chemotherapy
Lecturer Chie Teramoto
Specialty Emergency nursing, Disaster nursing, Community health nursing, Home care nursing
Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Sawatari
Specialty Cardiology, Sleep medicine


We are looking forward to contacts from people who want to join our laboratory. Do not hesitate to contact us!!